Prom 2019…It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, if you love fashion, that is! 2019 prom is arriving, and we are so excited to share with you a sneak peak of what’s trending. From glimmering glitter, to sexy sequins, 2019 prom trends are all about the shimmer! So, sit, back, and relax. Even if your Spring prom seems like it’s ages away, it’s never to early to start planning.


Glitter fabric is the number one look in 2019 prom trends!

The Looks We Love….The Best of 2019 Prom Trends

Glitter! Capture the essence of a starry night, as you sashay down the red carpet in these glamorous looks. From full ball gowns, to tightly fitted mermaid styles, the glitter gown make sa big splash in 2019 prom dresses! Metallic glitters and iridescent glitter fabrics are all the rage, and we predict will be one of the number one 2019prom trends. Because this fabric can be used in so many silhouettes, it’s our number one pick for all body shapes and sizes. So, let your personality shine in one of these gorgeous looks. You will rock the runway, and look like the star you are! What’s Old Is New Again…

What’s Old Is New Again…

Simple, clean lines are making a comeback again in 2019 prom trends. Prom dresses without any embellishments are designed to show off the person wearing them. Oftentimes, these dresses are great for the gal on a prom budget. Because they use only fabric, and few, if any beads, they are much less expensive. The great thing is that they are timeless. They can be worn again after graduation to that formal college ball,or black tie event. These classic styles are seen this year in for prom 2019 in satin and charmeuse fabrics, and are usually fitted. This look is great for sizes 0-12, but less forgiving in larger sizes.

Metallics – 2019 Prom Trends That Are All The Rage!

Metallic fabrics are hot,hot, hot for 2019 prom trends. From gold to silver, peacock to ruby, emerald to purple. If it can shine, it’s being seen all over the hottest designer’s lookbook. We are fans of this bold use of color, and can’t wait to see how our prom girls wear it. Choosing accessories like matching metallic shoes, purses and jewelry will make your ensemble pop!


We admit it. We have a love/hate relationship with sequins. This sexy, fitted look that we all know has never really gone out of style. However, we are seeing more of a push from designers looking to promote it, than customers who actually want to wear it.So while sequins will always have their place, it’s a -meh- for us. They are labor intensive to alter (think lots and lots of sequins on one long string!),and really only look good in smaller sizes. So, while we don’t hate them, we will only be bringing in a few looks for prom 2019 that are the best of the best. Sorry, sequins. If you don’t look good on everyone, than you don’t make the grade!

Beautiful Backs – 2019 Prom Dress Trend

Making their appearance first in 2017, and then coming on strong in 2018, beautiful backs are just as strong as ever for prom 2019 trends. There just seems to be no end to the creative ways to show a little skin in this, our most “pg” of places. In our opinion, any dress can benefit from a little drama in the back, and the details are just beautiful in this year’s collection. We hope that you are bold enough to choose a prom dress with unforgettable details and cutouts this year.

We hope that you have enjoyed this sneak peak at the hot 2019 prom dress trends! Glitter Prom® (a division of Christine’s Bridal & Prom) opens this year on January 2nd, 2019. Mark your calendars, and we hope to see you soon!