Prom Dresses In Vermont & NH?

It’s True! We are the BEST source for Prom Dresses in Vermont & NH!

Many prom stores claim to have the “best” selection and service in the area. So, what makes us different? At Christine’s Bridal & Prom (Home of Glitter® Prom), we strive to offer exceptional selection, dress options and service. We are the area’s most trusted source for prom dresses in Vermont & NH. We carry hundreds of unique prom dresses in stock, in sizes 00 to 46W, and are different, because we LOVE all things prom. Prom is not just a “season”. Working 12 months of the year, we find and identify the hottest new designers, and get the best price points possible. This allows us to pass on the savings to you, our customers!

Prom is a huge milestone in a young person’s life. It’s a coming of age – a rite of passage. It deserves to be celebrated. The preparations, especially shopping for the perfect prom dress, should be as exciting as the prom itself.

How Do I Find The Perfect Prom Dress?

Department Store Fitting Rooms

Shopping at a Big-Box store for your Prom gown? Expect your fitting rooms to look like this, or worse!

So, how do we do that, you may ask? If you are looking for prom dresses in Vermont & NH, call us first! We ask that all prom clients begin by booking your prom appointment. By booking an appointment, you will get a reserved fitting room, and a dedicated stylist to help you find the prom dress of your dreams. Our stylists have been professionally trained and educated to help you identify the styles and colors that will work best for your figure and complexion. Your stylist is your personal shopper, and will suggest looks that will fit and flatter you. They will work one on one with you, to help you find the perfect dress. Don’t worry though – you will get to choose looks to try as well!

This saves you hours of time, that would otherwise be spent guessing as to what would look best on you. Big box stores can’t promise this experience. Instead, at a big box, you would be left to look thru racks of often damaged dresses. Only to then not find the color or style that flatters you. You would more than likely try them on in a dirty fitting room, that was shared with other customers. Trust us, there is NOTHING special about that experience!

And what if you got lucky, and did find something that you liked? Aren’t prom dresses in Vermont & NH all the same? Well. sometimes they are! It is VERY likely that someone else attending your school’s prom will already have bought the SAME dress, if you are buying it online, or at a chain store.

The big box stores buy limited styles, in a run of sizes and colors. Even though they advertise “huge” selections of prom dresses, you really will only see a dozen or so different actual dresses. They then bring these in multiple colors and sizes. This allows them to get the huge markdowns from their wholesalers, because they buy in volume. The online stores sell to anyone, and couldn’t care less if they sell five of the same dress to one school.

What Makes Us Different?

At Christine’s Bridal & Prom, we do things differently. When we are looking to restock next year’s prom looks for the best prom dresses in Vermont & NH, we buy our inventory in the sizes and colors that will look best for that actual dress design. So, when we say we have hundreds of dresses, we truly do! Unlike them, we do not carry hundreds of gowns, in 12 different styles. Instead, we carry hundreds of dresses, that are rarely duplicated in size or color. We really do have an incredible variety of sizes, colors, and styles in our store. Department stores simply can’t match our buying strategies in this way.

We take things a step further. When your find your perfect dress,  Christine’s Bridal & Prom registers all of our prom gowns that are sold. This means that we won’t sell your prom dress to someone else at your school. We take pride in making sure that all of our customers feel like the prom royalty that they are! No big box store or online vendor will ever offer that service.

Perhaps the biggest worry that our customers have is what size they are in a prom dress. When you arrive for your prom appointment, our stylists will take a set of detailed measurements. We will then have you try on one or two prom looks to help you understand your dress sizing. This ensures you understand the difference between something “not fitting”, and simply needing alterations.

Finding the perfect prom dresses in Vermont NH doesn’t have to be difficult – you have already found the area’s only dedicated prom shop. So book your appointment today!