A bride's best accessory? Her well dressed groom, of course!

A bride’s best accessory? Her well dressed groom, of course!

The Insider’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Tuxedo Rental For Your Special Event

What’s a bride without her well dressed groom? Christine’s Bridal is proud to offer a full selection of tuxedos and suits to our customers. Whether you are looking for traditional wedding styles, or you are need of the latest prom look, we have you covered! Our vest and tie collection has over 600 colors, with colors to match your bridesmaid dresses and prom gowns. Our tuxedos are offered in a wide range of colors, and we offer sizes from infant to big and tall. We know that you have many choice when it comes to tuxedo rentals in Vermont or New Hampshire, but we promise the best pricing, value, and longest rental time of any of our competitors! We even offer “after hours” drop off times – return your tuxedo rental after business hours! Don’t be fooled by other store’s claims of “in-stock” inventory. What that really means is a small selection of basic styles are kept in stock for last minute renters. We partner with the largest suppliers nationwide, so that we may offer you a full range of tuxedo rentals, including the ever popular Mossy Oak! And, this allows us to have the best rental price points, as we are able to pass volume discounts on to our customers. That’s the power of working with nationwide distributors! So whether you are looking for a tuxedo rental for a gala ball, a prom, a formal event, or you are the groom – look to the tuxedo rental experts at Christine’s Bridal for all of your menswear needs.

Tuxedo Rental FAQ’s

1. What is the cost of renting a tuxedo? What does my tuxedo rental include?

Oftentimes stores will advertise an incredibly low price, or “leader” to get customers in the store. Be wary of this pricing, as it will either reflect dated, out of style merchandise, or a coat, cumberbund (limited colors), and pant rental only. At Christine’s Bridal, our low tuxedo rental prices, starting at $79.00, include your a complete outfit – coat, pants, shirt, cuff links, tie and vest. Tuxedo rentals including a cumberbund will start at $59.00. The only thing not included is our optional shoe rental. Our premium collection of vest and tie rentals is included with any of our rentals that start at $125.00 or more.

2. How far in advance should I reserve my tuxedo?

Weddings: The selection of your wedding tuxedos should take place as soon as five to six months prior to your event. Due to the high demand for tuxedo rentals during the months of April thru October, it is essential to reserve the styles and number of tuxedos well in advance. Fittings for your wedding party tuxedos should ideally begin three to four months before, and by no less than one month before the wedding. At the time of fitting, a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required for each tuxedo. Out of town groomsmen or family members may use our handy measurement chart. Don’t worry if children or adults need to be remeasured before the event – it’s free to do so, and changes to your order may be made up to two weeks prior to your wedding at no additional charge!

Proms: The demand for tuxedo rentals is high during prom season. We know that going to prom is sometimes a last minute decision, and we are ready to assist you with all of your prom needs. To take advantage of all of our specials, we recommend reserving your tuxedo rental at least a month in advance of your prom date if possible.

3. Do You Offer A Free Groom’s Tuxedo Rental?

Yes! With 5 or more paid rentals, the 6th tuxedo rental is always Free! This promotion may not be included with any other promotional offers.

4. Do You Carry Big & Tall Sizes?

Yes! Almost all of our tuxedo rental styles are offered in XL sleeve lengths, and sizes up to 66 mens. We also carry a selection of tuxedo styles that go up to a size 72 coat.

5. I have an out of town member of my wedding party. How do I get their measurements?

Not a problem! Send him a link for our measurement guide, and have them bring it to a professional tailor or professional in their area to be fitted. There may be a small, or minimal charge for this service, but it sometimes is even a free service. Please take this extra step to ensure the proper fit of your wedding party. Remember, an ill-fitting suit is not something you want to look at for the rest of your life in that photo over the mantle! If possible, we prefer to take all measurements in house.

6. Do you carry ring bearer tuxedos?

Yes! Ring bearer tuxedos are offered in infant sizes for rental or purchase from a 1T to size 3T. These tuxedos feature a black bow tie, and black vest. All of our fashion tuxedos, including the full line of vest and tie colors are offered starting in a boys size 2.