“Alterations = The Perfect Fit! Picking Up Your Wedding Dress” is part four of a four-part mini-series, entitled “Wedding Dress Alterations & Seamstress Guide – What to Know, Before You Have Your Dress Fittings.” To read part one, part two, or part three, just follow the links as highlighted.

Part Four – Alterations = The Perfect Fit! Picking Up Your Wedding Dress

It’s finally here! The day has come to meet with the seamstress, and pick up your finished alterations. What should you expect at this appointment?


It’s the final alterations fitting! Here, the seamstress tightens up the corset of the bride’s wedding gown.

Just like at previous fittings, keep the group size small. It is a good idea to bring the person with you that is helping you get dressed on your wedding day. That way, the seamstress will be able to go over your alterations with another set of eyes. This may include things such as bustle techniques, as well as tips on how to assist you with getting in the gown. If you are nervous that you might forget these things, or if someone cannot come with you, it is good to bring a camera, or a notepad. The seamstress can take photos from the back of the dress, so that others may reference them later. A notepad will allow you to jot things down, so you can share them with others later.

Remember to bring your shoes and undergarments with you again to your final fitting. If you wore them with your try on, you will need them at the final fitting as well! Don’t skip this step, as this is your last chance to ask the seamstress any questions about your alterations, or do any final adjustments.

Final payment will be expected before the seamstress releases the gown to you. Make sure to check in advance, as cash (or debit or credit card, if accepted) is usually the preferred way to pay. At this stage, they are unlikely to take a check. (Don’t take it personally – it’s just common practice!)

Tipping is also acceptable at this time. If you were pleased with the work and service of the seamstress, let them know! There is no set and fast rule, but a little extra something for a job well done is always appreciated. Often, to keep costs down, seamstresses do not charge for the actual billable hours that they put into working on your gown. It is not uncommon to underestimate how long alterations will actually take, so always err on the generous side if you think their performance merits it. This holds true of any of your wedding professionals!

Finally, please remember to have a safe place to store you bridal gown until the big day. Remember, things like cigarette smoke, or a curious kitty left unattended can wreak havoc to your gown. Plan to store it as if you would plan for an heirloom – after all, that’s what it soon will be! A treasure that will remind you of one of the happiest days in your life!

We hope this series has helped you better understand alterations to your bridal gown, and the making of a “perfect fit”. If you’ve enjoyed this series of articles, stay tuned. Every Thursday at noon we release our next week’s information blog. Until next time, happy wedding planning! And remember – make your appointment at Christine’s Bridal & Prom today. Your dress is waiting! ™

HOT TIP: Your bridal gown will still need to be steamed or pressed before the wedding, especially after multiple try ons, and alterations. Check with your local bridal shop, as it is a service many of them will gladly help you with for a small fee, the week or two before your big day!

This completes the What To Know BEFORE Having Your Wedding Dress Altered – A Four Part Series. We hope you have enjoyed it – stay tuned for next week’s blog!

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