I just can’t get over the image of a certain woman of Kardashian fame, and her photo spread in Paper Magazine. I’m sure that you have all seen it, or at least heard of it. You would have to be living under the equivalent of a social media boulder to not have. I’ve even seen the parodies of it, and so I thought, “maybe the article in the magazine is insightful – maybe it is well written, well constructed, and this one picture was taken just to generate a buzz, which it successfully did”. And so, I went online to see if I could find the article, in its entirety. Which I did – (kudos to Paper Magazine, as I had never even heard of their publication before, and now their website is generating thousands of hits a day, in large part due to their cover, now dubbed one of the “12 Most Controversial Magazine Covers Of All Time”). The problem was, the article was good. It was insightful. But, I couldn’t concentrate on any of these things, as it was also full of more pictures of Mrs. West posing in various states of nudity. It was more like arty porn, with a few words thrown in. In fact, I was so distracted by the images that I could no longer concentrate on the content of feeling of the article.

This got me to thinking of all of my bride-to-be’s who come into the bridal salon, posing the question “why aren’t photos allowed”? The funny part is, like Ms. Kardashian, the bride’s phone is usually already loaded with “selfies” of her trying on dresses from other bridal shops. Just like Kim’s black beaded dress, these garments are quickly shed, and our bride to be is ready to move on to her next look. However, that’s where the similarities end, and reality begins.

Kim’s images were taken in perfect hair, makeup and lighting. They were then photoshopped and graphically altered. Now, take a look at those photos of yourself in those gowns. Do you look your best with no makeup, or without the right foundation undergarments under your wedding dress? How about a photo of you in a dress that it to small or to large, and clipped in the back? How precious can that photo be, if you have two other brides (who are complete strangers) lurking in the mirrored image behind you? Any maybe one of them is even trying on the same wedding dress?


Image Property of theknottybride.com

All kidding aside, we know that trying on bridal gowns is a once in lifetime event. So ladies, please don’t cheapen the experience to the point of trying on dozens of wedding dresses, at multiple salons, taking photos, and simply moving on. When you do this, it does it not best represent the gown or what you may look like in it when it is properly fit to you. You are no longer able to concentrate on what it will feel like to wear that one AMAZING gown, and be seen in it by your special someone for the first time. Like Ms. Kardashian’s photos, too much is sometimes…well, just too much.

Skip the drama. Save that photo op for a picture of you and yours doing something together on your bucket list. Something meaningful. Not just another selfie of you wearing a wedding dress that you are never going to buy. It’s damaging to the dresses, it’s a misuse of your consultant’s time, and it causes self doubt about your selections, and maybe even your body image. There is no paparazzi waiting for your next “look” when you pop out of the changing area. Not to mention that it’s illegal in many states to take photos in dressing rooms of public establishments, and that the designers of those wedding dresses have paid big money to make sure that images of their products are protected by copyright laws.

So please brides, make your photos count, in a dress you look stunning in, that you have selected with care, and that you are going to cherish the memories of for the rest of your lifetime. Get excited when you find “the one”. And when we find that dress, and you say “this it it”, feel free to snap away. But not a minute before…