Your Guide To Finding The Best Plus Size Prom Dresses

At Christine’s Bridal, we specialize in plus size prom dresses! Yes, you read it correctly AND we do have many plus size prom dresses in stock for you to actually try on. Have you ever gone to a store, only to find few, if any plus size prom dresses to try on? We’ve had many girls come into our prom shop who, before they came to us, were totally discouraged by the lack of plus size prom dresses most prom stores carry. Believe us, you won’t walk away from our store with that feeling!

We can help you by not only providing plus size prom dresses for you to try on, but we can give you tips and advice as to what to look for, what fits your body type the best , what colors bring out your natural beauty, etc.

So let’s get started! Here are just a few tips to get you on your way…

An illustrated guide to finding the perfect plus size prom dresses, courtesy of Vermont and New Hampshire's Christine's Bridal & Prom.

Finding the perfect plus size prom dress, or prom dress of your dreams is a snap, when you think of your body type! Let the experts at Vermont and New Hampshire’s Christine’s Bridal & Prom help you with your look today!

First, decide on what type of plus size prom dress you’re looking for.

Are you looking for long, short or high-low? Are you looking for a plus size prom dress that hugs your curves, or maybe just accentuates your body style?

Just like all prom dresses, plus size prom dresses come in many different styles so think about what you like and dislike. It’s also very important to keep your body type in mind. Many girls looking for plus size prom dresses have a large bust and narrower hips with a waist that is not so well-defined. The key to dressing this type of body is to draw attention to your face and balance your upper body with your lower body. You do this by choosing dresses that add curves to your hips while creating a more defined waist. If you have nice looking legs, you may want to consider a short dress (but not too short) or a “high-low” style to show off your legs.

Others looking for plus size prom dresses may carry their weight through their middle, and probably have thin legs and a shorter, undefined waist. A dress with an empire waist or embellished top draws the eye to the upper body and an a-line or full skirt will bring less attention to your middle.

The types of fabric used to make plus size prom dresses is also important. You should keep in mind that shinier fabrics tend to show off flaws in your figure while matte finishes will diminish undesirable features.

Next, you should think about the color. This is important because the color you choose tends to reflect what your personality is. For example, if you choose bright red, the impression will be that you are bold and perhaps looking to be the center of attention. On the other hand, if you choose black, the impression will be one of sophistication. It’s also about what color flatters you. For example, someone with brown hair and brown eyes should avoid the color yellow.

Second, know what your budget is.

Plus size prom dresses range in price, depending on the type of gown you’re looking for, and you should also remember that you’re going to need shoes, accessories, possibly a new hairdo and makeup. Don’t be embarrassed when the sales person asks about your budget – just be honest. That way, if your budget is $200.00, the sales person will not be pointing you in the direction of more expensive, elaborate dresses.

Third: Start shopping for your plus size prom dress early.

You will find a better selection of plus size prom dresses at the beginning of the season and shopping early will insure that you have to time to get any necessary alterations done. It is not unusual for plus size prom dresses to have to be altered . Why? Did you know that these dresses are cut for girls who are between 5”9” and 6” tall? If you’re not that tall, you may need, at a minimum, to have the dress shortened.

You may want to bring along a friend or two when you try on our plus size prom dresses; HOWEVER, do be careful about this because a friend might say the dress doesn’t look good on you because she wants it for herself! And in our shop, we have our famous “same school guarantee”, that is, we won’t sell the same dress to two girls going to the same prom. So maybe the better plan would be to bring along your mom or your sister when you’re looking for the perfect plus size prom dresses and then show your dress to your friends later!

We hope that these tips help you find the perfect prom dress, and remember – Christine’s Bridal & Prom is Vermont and New Hampshire’s home to the most plus size prom dresses for you to choose from! We’ll see you soon!

And, don’t forget to check out this tip sheet from Wiki-Pedia Plus Size Tips For Selecting Styles. It’s a great reminder of some everyday style tips that a girl needs to know!