As a junior or senior in high school, the fall marks the beginning of a new school year. Before you know it, the holidays will be here, and planning your 2017 prom will be in full swing! For those of us in the Bridal and Prom business, September is special for another reason. The month of September is when we travel across the country to see and select all of the 2017 prom dresses to carry in our store. These include top designers like Sherri Hill, Tony Bowls, Landa, Mac Duggal, Rachel Allan, Madison James, Nina Canacci, Jovani, 2 Cute and so many more! As we watch runway shows, and meet with the designers, it truly puts us in a unique position to know what looks will be hot for prom dresses 2017.

And then the fun begins….we get to choose which prom dresses 2017 to bring to you, our customers. Our prom dresses must be at the right price point, be the best quality, and be on-trend for what’s hot in 2017 prom looks. There is so much to think about! With that in mind, here is our October preview of prom 2017. It’s a behind the scenes, sneak peak at what the top 2017 prom dresses will look like, based on what we saw on the designer runways.

WHAT’S HOT – The Best of Prom Dresses 2017

Romantic, floral prints are a hot look for prom dresses 2017! Available exclusively at Christine's Bridal & Prom!

So romantic, floral prints will pop in your search for the perfect 2017 prom dress! Just one of the many looks offered in our Prom Dresses 2017 collection, at Christine’s Bridal & Prom!

• Floral Print Prom Dresses

Florals are hot, hot, hot for prom 2017! We are so excited to bring you these looks – these are definitely not your grandmother’s floral prints! We saw everything from bold reds and blacks, to soft and romantic purples and pinks on the runway. The floral prom dress is a delightful addition to the 2017 prom dress collection. Skirts of these dresses are dramatic, and the bodices of the gowns range anywhere from simple and elegant, to boldly beaded and open. There’s so much for a girl to love! In New England, (especially in Vermont or New Hampshire) where Spring is slow to show herself, we are super excited to bring you a touch of this fresh new look!

• 2 Piece Prom Dresses

Gaining in popularity, 2 piece prom dresses, are still strong in the prom dresses 2017 collections! We were delighted to see a few more less revealing additions to this collection. Bare midriff looks are pretty, but full on open fronts are a no-no for most school dress codes. This year’s collection of 2 piece prom dresses at Christine’s Bridal features beautiful beadwork, including the Indian seed bead, which is HOT for 2017 prom dresses. They also feature lace, and open back detailing. Very romantic, these dresses offer a hint of sexiness, without being too revealing.

• Open Backed Prom Dresses, Lace Prom Dresses & Ballgowns

What’s not to love about lace, and open backs? Often beautifully beaded, these prom dresses are timeless, and never will go out of style. Whether it is a ballgown, a slim fitted, or mermaid prom style, the difference is in the details! Bring on the sparkle, the shimmer and the shine! This look is on point again for the best of prom dresses 2017!

• Plus Size Prom Dresses 2017

If you know Christine’s Bridal & Prom, you know we are passionate about our plus size prom dresses and our curvy girls. All of the looks you love will be represented in our collection of plus size prom dresses for 2017, and will feature modifications that will be more figure flattering. These changes will allow you to wear the right foundations, or undergarments if you are one of our plus size prom girls.

WHAT’S NOT – The Worst of Prom Dresses 2017

In our opinion, these looks scored low on the runway. Whether it was fabric, or fit, we just could not fall in love with these 2017 prom dress duds!

• The Booty Short & Crop Top OR The Pant and Crop Top

2 Piece Dresses are a hot trend for prom dresses 2017!

2 Piece Prom Dress from the 2017 Prom Dress Collection at Christine’s Bridal & Prom – One of the many MUST-HAVE looks for prom dresses 2017!

Aghh, the booty short. We know you love them. But for prom, really?!? Why, oh why designers, are you trying to promote this as a 2017 prom dress look? Not only would it get most of our students kicked out for violating the school dress code, but who wears a booty short in the middle of May in New England?!? Not this girl, for sure! The shorts are cut WAAAAYYY too high, and the tops are barely there. Thanks, but no thanks, designers. This look is a dud!

• Mikado Satin Gowns & Dupioni Gowns

Maybe we will see the error in our ways, but try as we might, we just can’t fall in love with the mighty Mikado. It’s stiff, it’s heavy, and it’s a very textural fabric. Call us crazy, but as designers, part of the beauty of the dress is the soft, sensual fabric that it is made from. Scratchy Mikado doesn’t cut it! We just can’t embrace this clunky, chunky fabric. The same holds true for its shiny cousin, Dupioni. Oddly enough, these are very expensive fabrics, but try as we might we just can’t get pass their stiffness and thickness.

To Wrap Things Up…

So, what do you think? What are you most excited to see in your 2017 prom dress look? Whatever your tastes, we hope to see you in the new year, as 2017 is set to be one of the biggest and best years for prom dresses yet! Christine’s Bridal & Prom is home to Glitter Prom®, one of the twin states only DEDICATED prom dress shops. We are also proud to be designated as a member of the Top 10 Prom Group. This is a mark of distinction for premiere prom stores throughout the United States. Not every store can earn this honor, and we are proud to be ranked as among the very best in our industry for the second year in a row.

So, whether it’s our amazing prices on prom dresses, our selection and styles, or the fact that we carry the largest selection of plus size prom dresses – whatever your reason, mark your calendars for the first week of January, 2017! And come to Christine’s Bridal & Prom to see the BEST of the 2017 prom dress collections!

We can’t wait to help you find the prom dress of your dreams!

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