Hundreds-of-prom-dresses-may-be-found-at-your-local-prom-and bridal-shops!

Variety, incredible prices, and one on one customer service are just some of the benefits of shopping locally for your prom dress!

It’s February, so that means it is time to start thinking about prom. Whether you are attending your first prom, or you are a seasoned veteran, one thing is for certain. It’s all about the dress. You say to yourself “where can I find the best selection of prom dresses near me?” “Should I buy a dress online?” “Are there stores locally that sell prom dresses near me?” And, if they do, “what do they cost?”. “Will I have many prom dresses near me to choose from?”

All of these questions are guaranteed to go thru your mind as you begin the process of finding the perfect dress. At Christine’s Bridal & Prom, we love prom! Our experts have put some tips together for you below. This will prepare you for your shopping experience. So let’s get started! Here’s everything that you will need to know before you say, “I’m going shopping for prom dresses near me!

Where Can I Buy Designer Dresses?

Have you searched the web for prom dresses? Whether online, or in magazines, certain designers and their dress collections are bound to catch your eye. Dress designers like Rachel Allen, Madison James, Tiffany and Envious fill the prom space with gorgeous gowns, and inspiring messages of youthful fun and fancy. But, where can you find these gowns? Do you have to buy them online? The answer is a resounding “No!”

Reputable bridal shops and prom specialty shops exist in your state, and maybe even in your hometown. They will offer the dresses from the designers you love, and even private lines that you can see nowhere else. By shopping at these businesses, you will support your local economy. You will also receive exceptional service, including stylist tips, and must-have insights into the latest prom trends. Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to try on your prom dress, before committing to buy it. There is no substitution for having a chance to see it in person before you commit to buy it!

Prom Dresses Near Me – What Should I Expect To Pay?

Finding prom dress ideas online is not a bad idea. For one thing, it will give you a better understanding of what prom dresses cost. Most designer prom gowns will start at $250.00, and go up to $700 to $800.00. Of course, you can find prom dresses for less or more, depending on the style. But remember – buying your dress online will not necessarily save you money! In fact, most local businesses will compare their pricing to online store pricing, and offer the dress at the same cost. They may even have the item priced less to begin with. By shopping locally, you also save shipping costs, and maybe even sales tax! It’s another advantage of buying locally, and another reason to say, “I’m going to shop prom dresses near me!”

Will A Local Shop Have Lots To Choose From?

You have the perfect dress in mind. You’ve scoured the web. You have a budget in mind, and you are determined to try it on. You must have this dress…right? The beauty of trying things on in person is that things will look much different when you have them on. Maybe you love that red dress, but your skin and hair color look better in pastels. Is there a certain cut or style you have picked out? By not trying on all of the silhouettes, you are short-changing yourself.

Dresses will look much different on you than on a hanger. How often have you loved something on a rack, or another person, only to find that you hated it on? The same is true of your prom dress! Why would you buy the dress of your dreams from just a glossy photo? Local prom stores will have hundreds of dresses hanging in stock for you to choose from. Why limit yourself to just one type or look, when the fun in fashion is trying on something different from what you normally wear? The fact is that you will have a larger variety of dresses to choose from in your size in an actual store, than what you will ever have on an Internet site.

Finally, don’t forget – many prom shops will offer a dress registration program, so that you do not buy the same dress as a fellow classmate. Now that’s something you can ONLY get if you buy local!

Whatever look you choose for prom, we hope that you give your local prom store a chance. Get ready to say, “I’ve found the BEST selection of prom dresses near me!” Shopping locally ensures that you get the best style for your body, the best selection of dresses to choose from, and a one-on-one customer service. That’s a win-win-win in our books! Hope to see you soon! Christine’s Bridal & Prom…hurry in. Your dress is waiting! ™