Red prom dresses will always be timeless. Whether your prom is in 2019 or 2039, a red prom dress will never go out of style. Because of this, red is always one of our number one requested colors for prom at Christine’s Bridal & Prom.


From the plus size prom dress collection, this red prom dress makes a bold statement.

Did you know that the color red is associated with the personality traits of strength, power, passion, leadership and determination? It is no wonder then that strong teen girls everywhere (just like you!) are drawn to this bold, vibrant color, as a means of expressing themselves!

So whether your tastes lean towards the bold and dramatic, or to the playful side, you can’t go wrong with red prom dresses! If you choose your favorite from our collection of red prom dresses, it will ensure that heads turn when you walk into the room!

Here are five of our favorite red prom dresses for prom.

The “Belle” of the Ball Gown – The Best of Red Prom Dresses #1 Pick


This beautiful ball gown is perfect red prom dress for the romantic in all of us!

This stunning ball gown features a sweetheart neckline, and a lace covered bodice. It’s perfect for the hopeless romantic in all of us. When you wear this gown to prom, it  will almost guarantee that a dashing prince (or princess) will come to your rescue! The gown features a full skirt with eight layers of glitter tulle, and a soft underskirt for fullness. Ball gowns, like red prom dresses, will never go out of style. This look flatters all body types, and is the reason it’s our number one pick for red prom dresses!

The “Foxy” Fitted Lace – The Best of Red Prom Dresses #2 Pick


This sexy red prom dress is a head turner! It’s runway ready for your prom night!

Strength, power and fearlessness are all personality traits that are shared with the girl who is bold enough to rock this red prom dress. We LOVE the look – it shows off your shape, while at the same time, not being to revealing. Mom and Dad will love to hate how grown up it makes their little girl look. Meanwhile, you will be the star of the night in this sexy look.

The “Sweetest” of Sweethearts – The Best of Red Prom Dresses #3 Pick

For the softer side of red, we love this flowing, chiffon look. Your features will be complimented by the sweeping, sweetheart style neckline. A beautiful crystal-look belt embellishes the waistline of the gown. The skirt features flowing chiffon layers that drop gracefully, without adding too much bulk to the dress. It’s perfect for the girl who everyone loves, and that loves everyone! This beautiful red prom dress is sophisticated, and classy. It also looks great on every body type as well.


The timeless red prom dress features a beautiful sweetheart neckline, and belted detail.

The “Rockin” Ruffled Beauty – The Best of Red Prom Dresses #4 Pick

For the fashion-forward trendsetter, this red prom dress is sure to be a showstopper! Beautiful silver bead work and embroidery decorate the detailed bodice of this gown, while multi-tiered organza ruffles flutter over the full skirt. And that back! It’s a dreamy, to-die for detail that we can’t get enough of! It’s no wonder that this dress makes our top five list of red prom dresses!


Tiered ruffles make this dress a perfect pick for the fashion forward prom girl!

The “Spectacular” Slit – The Best of Red Prom Dresses #5 Pick

Of course our top 5 red prom dresses list would have to include a plus size prom dress! Available exclusively in sizes 14W and up, this red-carpet worthy look is ready to rock the runway. Silver filigree and beaded detail embellish the bra-friendly bodice of this gown. A crystal stone-look belt accentuates the waistline, while flowing chiffon layers finish the look. It’s a perfect pick for our top five red prom dresses.

We hope you agree – red prom dresses will never go out of style! If red is your color of choice, let us know! We would LOVE to feature you in our upcoming style blogs, so drop us a line! And don’t forget – the prom dresses collection is available to preview now online, or in person at Christine’s Bridal & Prom. We are Vermont and New Hampshire’s destination for all things prom! We hope to see you soon!