Blue Tuxedo Rental

Blue tuxedos and suits are popular trending looks to buy or rent for your big day!

With your formal occasion right around the corner, you are probably feeling the pressure to look as dapper as you can on your big day. Whether it is for your wedding or prom, the choice to purchase a tuxedo or suit, or take advantage of a tuxedo rental is one that should be given some thought. This post from the menswear experts at Christine’s Bridal & Prom should help you answer some questions about the process, and help you make an informed decision between the two options.

First, lets answer the question as to what’s the difference between a tuxedo rental and a suit? A tuxedo, or tuxedo rental, is a formal look that features the man’s choice of tie, vest, shirt, coat and pant. Tuxedo rentals may be black, grey, brown, white or ivory. They are worn with either a bowtie, or a long Windsor tie style. Your tuxedo rental pants will have either a pleated, or flat front. The ensemble is be made of a wool, or a wool blend. One of the other biggest differences is that tuxedos are offered in your choice of lapel styles. These style include the Notch, Peak and Shawl lapel styles.

Suits are offered in the colors black, navy, grey and shades of brown. They are traditionally worn with only a tie. They are almost always the notch style lapel. Made of a poly or linen blend, they are more lightweight than their cousin, the tuxedo rental.

Purchasing a Suit – What’s included? Is it tailored to me?

When purchasing a suit, usually the price quoted is for a coat and pants combo. You may also request a price to include a combination of a coat, pants, shirt and black tie. Since suits are not usually worn with a vest, one is not usually included in the price. Substitutions to the basic grouping can be made, but will result in price differences.

Please note that suits do not come with a tailored pant. What does this mean? This means that your pants will not be fitted to your pant length when they arrive. These alterations will need to be done in person. You should plan on making arrangements with the menswear store to hem the pants (for an additional fee). You could also have this done by someone that you know after your suit arrives.

Suit pants are also designed to be worn with a belted waist. A belt is not included with your purchase. Suit pants do not have an adjustable waist like tuxedo rental pants.

My Tuxedo Rental – What’s included? Is it tailored for me?

Your tuxedo rental will come in your choice of colors, and styles. Tuxedos, in addition to being offered in a variety of lapel styles, will also be offered with many different trim options. Your tuxedo might include satin trimmed lapels, a mossy oak camo pattern, two to three buttons, or even western style piping! Tuxedo rental looks are as unique as the person wearing them!

In addition to the many styles and colors offered, your tuxedo rental will also be available to rent with your choice of hundreds of different vest and tie combinations. Countless patterns and colors in vests and ties are available to choose from. Customize it the way you want it! Your tuxedo rental from Christine’s Bridal will come with your choice of coat, pants, shirt, vest and tie combo for one inclusive, low price. The tuxedo rental will also be tailored to you, and is adjustable thru the waist in the pants.

Because there are more tuxedo rental styles to choose from, you may also find the total cost of the tuxedo rental to be less expensive than a suit rental. However, depending on your needs, purchasing a suit can be very thrifty if you have a need to wear it again in the future.

So, whether or not you choose to purchase or rent a suit, or opt for a tuxedo rental on your big day, know that the experts at Christine’s Bridal & Prom are ready to assist you with looking your best on your big day!