White Tuxedos & Ivory Tuxedos – Tradition Meets Style In This Classic Look

Did you know that white tuxedos actually became popular in America in the 1930’s? Some say that the white tuxedo became popular because of Hollywood, and the increasing popularity of the black and white film. The stars of the film were encouraged to wear tuxedos, as the black and white colors of the tuxedo photographed and filmed well for their monochromatic audience.

As with any fashion, the looks we see in film and movies carry over to our sense of style. And so it was with the white tuxedo, as the look became increasingly popular with the young, jet set men in warmer climates, who paired the white tuxedo coat with black tuxedo trousers for a formal dinner look. Eventually, the trend of color in tuxedo coats, vests and ties would re-emerge, when coincidentally, films began being view in color. This took place during WWII.

Today, white tuxedos and ivory tuxedos are again considered to be a very formal look. Appropriate for day or evening wear, they are gaining popularity among the younger market who are wearing them to proms and galas, as they make a bold statement with a pop of bright color in the vest and tie. Imagine an all white tuxedo ensemble with a bright fuchsia vest and tie, and you will see why they are so popular. It’s a sharp look indeed!

When wearing a white tuxedo or an ivory tuxedo as part of the wedding party, one should remember to coordinate the look with the color of the gown the bride is wearing. In other words, do not pair a white tuxedo next to an ivory wedding dress. The creaminess of the ivory next to the starkness of the bright white will appear to make the ivory look “dingy”. Always check with your bride-to-be. Without giving away to many details about her gown, selecting a matching color will look best in formal photographs and on the big day.

Please enjoy browsing our collection of white and ivory tuxedos, and remember – this is look that will never go out of style!